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Dr. Ashraf GHALI, CCFP

(Online booking is ONLY available to our current family practice patients.)


(Online booking is ONLY available to our current family practice patients.)


(Online booking is ONLY available to our current family practice patients.)


Walk-In Services

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Diabetes Nurse​​

MTO & 3r​d Party Physicals


To provide appropriate medical care, our family doctors operate their family practice by appointments only. It is extremely important that you inform the staff of the type of visit you require to assist in booking an appropriate appointment time. Please indicate if you require a regular visit, a longer visit for counselling, a complete physical examination or simply an injection. Every effort will be made to accommodate your family in a manner appropriate to your medical needs. Please be assured that confidentiality will be strictly maintained in all aspects of the clinic. Additionally, please be mindful of your appointment time(s)

MISSED Appointments

Missed appointments take valuable time away from ill people who are waiting to see their health care provider. We require 24 hours advance notice for appointment cancellations.

For FHOs to be effective, enrolled patients must commit to receiving their primary health care from your doctor or, if he/she is not available, from another doctor in the same FHO group of doctors during the after hours clinics ((who has access to the same medical records as your regular family physician).

As you may know, the Ontario government is encouraging family doctors to work together and provide improved access to your family Doctor. The Ministry of Health also wants to minimize the number of unattached patients. In order for the Ministry of health to track this, you will be asked to sign a Patient Enrolment form with your physician. This also serves as a reminder of the commitment that you made when you enrolled:

“I agree to contact my family doctor, (or if applicable the group to which my family doctor belongs), when I, or my enrolled child(ren) or dependent adults(s), need primary care medical advice or treatment. I promise to do this unless there is an emergency, or I am travelling away from home.”Effective Feb 01, 2023, the Woodview Medical Clinic (Dr. Hayder Mahdi, Shane Singh and Julia Di Giovanni) has joined another clinic Maple Mews Medical Clinic (Dr. Ashraf Ghali, Daoud ARSHAT and Dalia Alsaigh) into one FHO as part of an Ontario government initiative to improve health care delivery, efficiency and reduce visits to walk-in clinics. A FHO consists of a group of doctors who provide comprehensive primary health care services to their patients with a focus on illness prevention. FHOs provide care during regular and extended office hours. (See After Hours Care). 


1. How can I make the most of my visit with my doctor?​

Bring a list of:

o Your questions or reason(s) for the office visit

o Current medications you are taking (including prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines and herbal remedies)

o Past/current major health problems (such as diabetes, arthritis, hip replacement, etc)

o Allergies to medications

2. I need to review my test results. What should I do?

Test results must be reviewed with a doctor in-person or via Virtual Care. Test results cannot be discussed with the front staff over the phone, or by email, or via chat.

3. Are there any fees for filling medical forms?

Doctor will explain how much does cost to fill some forms (sick notes, therapy notes, medical record transfer, insurance form...). Some forms are free of charge.

4. Are there any COVID vaccines given in this clinic?

Not currently

5. How can I get my prescription medication refilled?

In some cases, your physician may specify a number of refills on your prescription, which your pharmacy will keep on record. If you need a prescription renewed in which a refill is not already specified, please have your pharmacist fax your request to our office. In most cases, refill requests will be completed within 2-3 days so be sure to request your refills well before you completely run out of your present medication. In some cases, your physician may wish to see or speak to you before renewing a prescription. Your pharmacist will inform you or our office will contact you if this is the case.

6. What if I'm referred to see a specialist?

If your physician refers you a medical specialist, our reception staff will make your appointment and let you know when and where to go. We will send any information needed ahead for you. If you cannot go at the appointed time, please contact your specialist's office to reschedule. Please do not miss specialists' appointments as they often take weeks or months to schedule and they may charge you for a missed appointment. You may also need to obtain radiology digital images from labs/hospitals to take to relevant specialist appointments.


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